Breaking the Fourth Wall, a movie and television discussion

Deadpool 2 has hit theaters, and it is bringing back a genrea of self aware and fourth wall breaking movies. It’s time to look back at our favorite shows and movies that have broken the fourth wall and talk about what makes them some of our favorites.

The Simple and Not so Simple Plots of Videogames

One of the best parts about many videogames are the stories they tell. While not every videogame has a story mode or a deep lore, many do. Even games you wouldn’t expect to have a rich story hidden within them do. It’s time to talk about our favorites and the ones we remember so fondly.

The Growth of eSports

With videogames being more popular than ever, tournaments featuring videogames have grown as well. Tournaments now feature all kinds of different videogame types and a lot of prize money. It’s time to discuss this world of eSports and the different games that play a huge role in its popularity.