Does Marvels Avengers Infinity War Change the Superhero Genre?

The movie every comic book fan has been waiting for has finally dropped. Avengers Infinity War has taken movie theaters by storm, and it is time to finally discuss the movie and it’s potential impact on the future of the superhero genre.

The Changing World of Multiplayer in Games

The world of multiplayer gaming has changed significantly. Back in the day there was the simple multiplayer gaming local, with lan parties and console parties. Then the internet changed the way we interact with people online, and gaming has only expanded from there! It’s time to discuss the growth of multiplayer videogames.

Videogame Based Movies

The 8Bit Waffles Crew has talked about videogame adaptations, but now it is time to discuss movies based around the concept of videogames. With Ready Player One hitting theaters and already set to be one of the top movies this year, its basis in videogames gives us the chance to talk about some of our favorite videogame based movies like Tron and Scott Pilgrim!